Jesus Arrested

The morning sermon is found in Matthew 26:47-68. It is when Jesus was arrested. The main focus of the sermon is to know why Jesus should suffer. It is important to note that Jesus never taught his disciples to be violent nor to join any form of rebellion against the government. Instead, Jesus taught them to be law abiding citizens. However, everything should happen to glorify the Father, and to bring the Father’s will into fulfillment.

There are two main points of the sermon:

Jesus does not want violence – To be at peace with everybody, this is one of the messages of Jesus to mankind.  “Those who draw sword will die by the sword.” Jesus could order his disciples to fight for him. In fact, Peter already drew his sword and struck it to the chief priest’s servant cutting off his ear. But Jesus rebuked Peter and healed the servant putting back his ear (other passages).

Even in front of the chief priest, Jesus did not show any aggression against them. In the passage, it tells us that the chief priest and the teachers of the Law already decided not to believe in him. In contrast to the proper treatment that Jesus should have if he really proves that he is the Christ, the chief priest should have treated him better and with honor. But Jesus was treated the opposite way and when he admitted that he is the Christ, they judged him to for blasphemy.

Jesus is willing to obey the Father – Jesus is more than willing to obey the Father whatever it may cost him. Even if the disciples deserted him, even if the chief priest tried him unjustly, and even if he knows that he did nothing wrong. This is the kind of obedience that God wants from us.

The Dirty that Was Made Clean Part 1

The message in the evening service is about a man named Cornelius. However, this is the introduction of this sermon series that is found on Acts 9:32 – Acts 10:48. To start with, Peter’s ministry continued to prosper. He went to Lydda where he met a paralytic man for 8 years named Aeneas. Peter prayed for the sick.

Peter healed Aeneas in the name of Jesus Christ and the man was healed. Here we can see the power of the name of the Lord Jesus. After that healing, when the believers in Joppa heard that Peter was there, they sent for some people to bring him to Joppa because a faithful servant of the Lord named Dorcas died. Peter went with them and brought back Dorcas to life.

The main highlight of this message however, is about a man named Cornelius. A godly centurion who lives in Caesarea. He is known as the Italian Regiment of the Roman Empire and he is very generous to the poor and is very prayerful.

One day, he had a vision and an angel of the Lord called him and asked him to look for Peter and bring him to his house. After that vision, he ordered some of his servants to go to Joppa as the angel instructed him to bring Peter with them.

There are times that there are godly people who do not know Jesus yet, and it is our responsibility to introduce them to our Lord Jesus. We have to remember that Peter is only a fisherman while Cornelius is a centurion, someone who has an authority in the society.  We have to remember that no one in this world who does not need our Lord Jesus. And we need to tell everybody about the gospel of salvation.