Dolores, Eastern Samar, different Baptist organizations lead a relief distribution for 6 baranggays in Dolores, Eastern Samar and one baranggay in Borongan, Eastern Samar for a total of 1,727 households. Baranggay Sto Nino, Aroganga, Buenavista, Caglao-an, Denigpian, Rizal and Ando received relief packs for its residents.

The relief operation was mainly funded by Baptist World Aid in cooperation with Asia Pacific Baptist Aid, Luzon Convention of Southern Baptist Churches, and Visayas Convention of Southern Baptist Churches. Meanwhile, Lighthouse Christian Ministry oversee the implementation of the project in cooperation with Aroganga Community Church and Ando Island Christian Fellowship.

Apart from being poor areas in region 8, Dolores and Borongan were hard hit areas for the past two main typhoons (Hagupit and Senyang) that hit the Philippines in December 2014. Massive coconut plantations were destroyed. Houses were also destroyed leaving thousands of people homeless. With this, the Baptist community were touched and compelled to response and help the communities where existing ministries are present. But this time we do not want to only reach the people within the Baptist community, but all the people in these baranggays.

Truly, God’s love is with the people in these towns and baranggays.